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A word from the creator – Not Your Nan’s Relish Range

Hi there,

My name’s Zel, and I’m the imagination behind Spring Gully’s new range of relishes we’ve playfully called “Not Your Nans”. That’s really what these relishes are: Playful! The world is an ever-changing, rapidly expanding place of culinary wonder. With these relishes, I want to show everyone that beneath Spring Gully’s traditional, pickle-making exterior beats a whimsical, modern heart just dying to impress you with contemporary ideas.

In this multicultural global community, we’re all looking at our neighbours for inspiration. I wanted to express the sense of unity that envelops the world by tying together fun and creative concepts in new forms and unusual pairings. These aren’t just any old relishes your Nan might make. They’re new, different and exciting.

The Elote Corn Relish is inspired by the product’s namesake, a Mexican street food bursting with personality and flavour. I wanted to take corn on the cob, char grill it, season it, and serve it right to you. The Miso Maple Flavoured relish was essentially a salted caramel that I put a twist on, borrowing salty umami fermented soybean flavours commonly found in Japan with a sweet element more popular in the west. With the Ancho Chile Green Tomato relish, I wanted to take something well established like green tomato relish, and make it different, invite some new flavours to the party, and see if they get along… and they sure did!

I hope you love this range as much as we do. I can’t wait for you to try it for yourself and see what you create!


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